Mentally Preparing for Success

If you were to walk by my driveway, you might see me pacing down and back, slowly, a few times.

I’m mentally preparing.

First, I allow, or push, any thoughts about possibly failing out of my head.

I visualize completing the lift I am about to make.

If it’s a heavy squat, for example, I know there’s going to be a sticking point.

So I’ll tell myself, as I’m pacing, that I am going to drive that f*$king bar up no matter what.

Over and over again. Drive that bar up.

Then, I’ll st,and still for a moment, before I step onto the platform. I walk over to the platform, jump up and down a few times, take a deep breath, brace my core, and step on.

Then, I approach the bar, take another deep breath, get under it, and get started.

If I have positively visualized and talked to myself correctly, I’ll make the lift.

It’s only when there is any doubt, either before or after, that misses occur.

Notice how I tell myself that I will ‘drive the bar up’ … not ‘don’t let it fall down’.

There are always two ways to look at any challenge. But only one sets you up for success.

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