You Can Change Your Tastes

When I wouldn’t eat salads, vegetables, and other healthy foods as a kid, my father would always say to me ‘your tastes will change’, meaning that one day, I would start to like those foods, especially if I kept eating them.

That turned out to be true, but there’s a better way to state it. And, it’s not just for kids – it’s for you.

You can change your tastes.

It’s an active process which you have full control over.

For example, I used to eat all kinds of refined foods, which are high in sugar, such as bread, pizza, candy, chips, and sweetened drinks.

Now that those are out of my diet, just one bite of something that’s loaded with sugar, such as ice-cream or a conventional candy bar, is far, far too overpoweringly sweet for me – to the point where I sometimes cringe, or spit it out.

The same thing works in the positive direction. Fresh, live, green vegetables now satiate and bring pleasure to my taste buds – just the same way that candy used to.

So, you can change your tastes.

And you might be surprised at what your old self used to like after you do.

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