What Foods Do You Rotate Out in the Summer?

It’s hot, and I’ve already noticed that my water level needs to increase. Have you?

As we head into the summer, if you are the kind of person who never changes what you eat, you may want to consider that that’s not how you evolved.

You body was built on ebbs and flows.

Depending on your ancestry, it varies, but it is very unlikely that you ate the same foods all year round.

There were probably months that you were heavier, and months that you were thinner.

And that can be a good thing, as your body would have needed to adapt to changing environments.

Typically in the summer I notice that I need to drink more water (I run around outside a lot) and eat more leafy greens. I’ll eat more ‘lighter’ foods and less ‘dense’ foods.

I’ll rotate out the large amount of soups I ate all winter, have a little less meat, and add in more fruits, salads, and vegetables.

Try eating with the seasons. It’s how you were meant to be.

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