What’s Your Step For Today?

Every day, there is always one step you can take towards your health goal(s).

It might be additional glass of water, a portion of rice that’s one serving instead of two, or buying a package of organic, grass-fed meat instead of conventional.

Or, it might have nothing to do with food. It might picking up the phone to call an old friend, or, playing a sport you haven’t played in too long.

Even more importantly, it might not be something new. It might simply be repeating something you did yesterday, if you’re working on building a new habit.

And lastly, it could be something that is actually a step backwards. I don’t usually recommend or prescribe setbacks, such as having a ‘crappy’ eating day, but they do happen – for a reason.

The point is that, even if it’s not obvious, or very small, there is a step for you to take today that is right for you.

Most times, the smaller the better.

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