Are You Out of Contact with Earth?

When is the last time you came in contact with the Earth? (As in direct contact with your skin, such as with bare feet.)

Once I started hearing about earthing a few years ago, and thought about it, I realized (at the time) that there were days, weeks, or perhaps even months throughout which my feet never touched the ground.

The basic principle of earthing is that the Earth has certain polarity (a negative charge) and that we become more & more out of balance from that charge (positive) the longer we go without grounding ourselves.

There are a myriad of reported health benefits, and some very strong proponents of this. I’ll let you do your own research if you want to go deeper.

I’ll tell you that I didn’t go very deep. Enough people whom I respect were all saying the same thing. It requires very little effort to try & do, and it makes common sense.

I make it a point to go stand on my grass barefoot for a few minutes after every workout. I simply couple the grounding time with my meditation time.

How do I feel afterwards? Grounded & energized.

Could it be a placebo? Yes. What’s wrong with a positive placebo?

Intuitively, doesn’t it make sense to you? Or, the same question put more specifically: do you think your body was designed to be out of contact with the Earth for weeks at a time?

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