Which Foods Satisfy You?

Do you have any foods that, when you eat them, your body (or mind) feels completely satisfied?

Here are some examples I’ve discovered through experimentation:

My mouth often tells me when I haven’t eaten enough greens. I’ll start chewing on a mouthful of baby spinach or arugula drizzled in olive oil, and, immediately want more.

My belly responds well to a bowl of lentils, cooked slowly, mixed with some rice or seaweed-based noodles. I might add a little za’atar & olive oil for extra kick. But, unlike a bowl of just rice, rice-based pasta, or glutinous pasta (when I was younger), the lentils really satisfy my desire to eat a heavier meal. I don’t feel the need to get bowl after bowl; one, maybe two servings is enough.

My brain feels great after eating foods that are high in healthy fats, such as MCT Oil (I put a little in my morning coffee sometimes) or avocados (over a big plate of greens is great). There is also a raw, organic, coconut smoothie (100% made out of coconut meat & water) that produces the same, Einstein-like feeling, for me.

As you can see, I pay close attention to all the different parts of my body before, during, and after meals. It’s important to observe your elimination patterns as well, and, eliminate any foods that don’t serve your being regular & solid.

The only way to nail this down for you is by experimentation, which, scientifically, means to observe, control for variables (as many as possible), adjust, and repeat. Over and over and over again until you’re moving forward.

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