What Oil Should I Cook With?

Here’s what I do:

High Heat (over 350 / grilling): Organic Avocado Oil

Medium Heat (up to 350 / light sauteing): Organic Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

No Heat (dressing & drizzling): Organic Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are other choices. But you need to know what the smoke point of the oil you’re choosing is, because if you cook it over its smoke point, it will burn. It becomes denatures, loses its health benefit, and can be potentially toxic.

Avocado Oil can go up to 520 degrees F.

Get as much Olive Oil in your diet as you can, because it’s rich in Omega 3’s. You need Omega 6’s as well, but it’s very unlikely that you’re not getting those.

I’ll occasionally rotate & use other oils for a few months, or a bottle or two, just to add some variety to my diet.

That’s it 🙂

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