You’re Wired to Think Negatively

You have a tendency to exaggerate the negative possibilities of life.

This served you well just a few short years ago, when you were a part of more primitive cultures, when danger was abound.

Real danger is not abound today (if you are reading this blog).

This creates a gap, it creates some tension, in the way that you are wired to think about things, versus the way that you should actually think about things.


Many years of this though pattern:

“If I don’t eat soon, I will die.”

Leads to more of the same thought pattern in other areas:

“If I don’t look like this, I won’t be accepted.”

You need to rewire your thought patterns, through various processes, to positive ones.

“I love myself, and I will achieve my goal of losing thirty pounds in six months by following the plan below.”

There are many, many other examples, far too many for one blog post.

But the power of positive thinking, of seeing what you have, of knowing what you are capable of … that will serve you far better today than the alternative.

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