Which Organic Foods Are Right For Me?

There’s a lot to cover with regards to Organic foods. More than one blog post can accomplish.

So for this one, let’s start with something simple:

Just because a food doesn’t have an Organic certification, doesn’t mean that it isn’t Organic.

(That’s far too many negatives in one sentence for my high school English teacher.)

Rephrased in positive terms:

Food can be Organic without an Organic certification.

How will you know?

Simply ask the farmer, or, producer.

Some small farmers or producers grow or make their foods with completely reputable practices – sometimes, in fact, even more Organic than other products which carry expensive certifications.

Certifications are not all bad – but they are often expensive.

So, small makers may not be able to afford that process.

If you’re not sure about what a particular Organic certification entails, you can ask them too. How much does it cost per year? Do they test the soil?

If you ask the right people the right questions, you’ll find the right food.

If they won’t answer you, look elsewhere.

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