You Have Enough Time

You have enough time to do what needs to be done.

I can say that because I’ve been in the position where that statement feels dead wrong. But it’s not.

I’ve gone to school with a full-time job, more than once. I’ve got two jobs right now, with two kids and a wife. Just one of my jobs could be enough to take sixty, seventy, or even eighty hours out of my week … if I allowed it to.

Sometimes, I do, allow things to get too far out of balance. But that’s generally not a good approach. It creates resentment.

You must fight that battle and make time for yourself and your loved ones.

You can find a way to do it. Even small, ten, twenty, or thirty minute incremental reductions per day help. A lot.

If your career or education (or both) are completely out of balance, try tracking your time for a week. Break it down into four or five (or so) major categories of tasks. Such as: ‘Managing others, primary top-level projects, low-level tasks (like email), and meetings.’

Then you can start to see, on paper, where you’re spending too much time.

There are other ways. Feel free to reply or comment below with suggestions, or questions.

You have enough time this week. You just need to grab control of it.

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