‘Crappy’ Eating Days

The other day I had what you would typically call a ‘crappy’ eating day.

For me, that means giving in to my previously mentioned life-long craving for carbs, and eating an entire pound of pasta in one sitting.

I was craving that pasta all day. It was a foregone conclusion that I was going to eat the whole bag. I didn’t even think about saving any.

In addition to that, I baked cookies. They were good. I made two trays, so, the next day, there were at least 15 cookies on our counter.

Sure enough, I had to sit with that ‘I ate too much, why the hell did I do that?’ feeling for at least two hours afterwards.

But that’s where the negativity stopped. It’s important not to beat yourself up. Use positive self-talk instead. It makes a big difference.

You see, there are cravings, and sometimes, you are going to give in to them.

Unless you’re shaping up for something specific, like a competition, it is very unlikely that you will make excellent food choices 100% of the time. I specifically aim for 90%.

The truth of the matter is that the whole day wasn’t a crappy eating day for me. You’re more likely to exaggerate the poor choices you make, inside your head, than the good.

It’s far more helpful to remind yourself that you are human being. You are already perfect just the way you are … and there isn’t any one (or two) food choices that can take that away from you.

Get back on the path the next morning, or the next meal, and keep moving forward.

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