Sacred Time

As you may already know, I train in my garage / out on my sidewalk, with both doors open, and my gym exposed for all passersby to see. (And, come in, if they choose.)

Well, today I was under the gun for time. I had exactly one hour to train before I had to make dinner and be with my family.

The session was one that could have been over an hour. I would have to pack in the work with little rest in between sets to make it work.

And then, a door-to-door salesman walks in.

Ten seconds into his pitch, I signaled (literally) for a timeout.

“This is sacred time. I am working out,” I said, sternly.

It was effective. He quickly moved on.

I’m a very nice guy. I try to listen to everyone, and give them my full attention.

But don’t barge in on my training time without an appointment.

What activities are sacred to you?

And, do you protect them?

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