Sneaking In Workouts

I like to ‘sneak’ in workouts. Don’t misunderstand the use of the word; it’s a positive thing.

For example, yesterday I squeeze one in between coaching kids’ soccer & going to work. I had exactly one hour. More than enough. Sure, I could have done it Monday morning. But instead, Monday’s workout was done on Sunday, with the option to train again – or sleep – the next day.

Or, if I’m spectating kids’ sports as opposed to coaching, well, there’s a lot of sideline time. And, it’s on a field. Run. Sprint. Do push-ups. Do dips on the fence. Pull-ups on the bars. Squat with a kid on your back. Help the coaches get the kids warmed up. Stretch. Do yoga.

Or, if I’m watching TV, which is rare, but, it is a family activity. Why sit still the whole time?

There are countless opportunities to sneak in a workout.

Those are the workouts that make you really strong.

Both in muscle, and in mind.

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