Never Stop Training.

Matthew Bradford can bench press 260 pounds, which is more than I can.

We’ll come back to that in a minute.

Here’s a list of some (not nearly all) of the exercises you can do in your home, with zero equipment: push-ups (standard, Hindu, clapping, elevated, handstand, etc.), squats (standard, Bulgarian split, one-legged, pause, etc.), ab work (planks front/side, v-ups, sit ups, etc.), lunges (walking, jumping, reverse, lateral), sprinting (short cone drills, from telephone pole to telephone pole, etc.) …

That’s just the beginning.

If you add a pull-up bar, there are many more. If you add any kind of weight, even just one (kettlebell, sandbag, dumbell, gallon of water, your kids on your back, etc.), it multiplies again.

So, you don’t need a gym in your home to get an awesome workout in. And you don’t need a lot of time either, because doing 10 burpees is far better than doing zero.

All you really need is to get the work in. No matter how much.

I’m serious about the idea that just doing 10 burpees is enough.

It’s not the ideal workout, but it’s enough for those days when you just really feel like you cannot do more, for whatever reason (time, emotional, energy).

The idea is to keep pushing forward – to never stop training – no matter what.

It’s much harder to get back into after you’ve stopped.

Marine Corporal Matthew Bradford can bench press 260 pounds. I recently heard his story on Jocko Podcast #171.

He lost both of his legs and his vision in Iraq in 2007. .

Since then, he’s climbed mountains, done long marches, and works out almost every day.

He never stopped training.

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