Food Is Medicine.

Food really is medicine.

All pharmaceuticals are derived from nature. They contain some combination of plant, animal, bacterial, or fungal matter.

To clarify, that includes anything a doctor can prescribe to you, or which you can pickup over the counter at your local pharmacy.

No drugs were invented out of thin air. Furthermore, many drugs were, conceptually, founded on ancient knowledge of herbal and/or tribal recipes.

Yes, that’s correct: some of the very same kind of stuff you might learn about from an herbalist is in your Advil & Viagra.

The drug & supplement companies simply don’t always highlight that information, because you cannot trademark a cordyceps mushroom.

You can, however, manipulate a cordyceps mushroom into a formulation, and then into a brand, which can make you a lot of money.

But the mushroom is still available for you, if you are willing to cook it.

Note that I did not state that food replaces medicine. You’re not going to whip up some penicillin in your kitchen. Pharmaceuticals, when needed, are great.

I said that food is medicine. Which means, your kitchen can prevent many of the trips you might have to make to the doctor if used correctly.

Take good medicine, every day.


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