Love & Work

I often mention how Love is one of the 4 Key Ingredients for your health.

But what if you don’t love what you do for a living?

How does that affect you over time, to go to work, every day, doing something that doesn’t make you happy, or fit with your core values?

Well, in the worst cases, it can create all sorts of problems, including depression, anxiety, resentment, and physical illness.

But does that mean, if you hate your job, that you have to quit? How will you earn a living if so? (Note the anxiety being created.)

No, you don’t have to quit your job. There is a much more intelligent, mature path to happiness and love of what you do.

The first step is to know what it is that you actually want to do.

When was the last time you wrote down what makes you happy?

(Not your parents, spouse, or anyone else.)

With clarity on that, and a clear plan, you can start to use your current resources to slowly transition into doing more of what you love, and less of what you don’t.

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