Your Body Epitomizes Synergy

Synergy: the way the parts of the machine or system function as a whole, in order to produce results or effects they could not do individually.

As I’ve stated before, the human body is the most complex machine in the universe.

It is a system of systems.

Together, it is a beautiful unit.

With regards to your health, what you can take away from the word ‘synergy’ is to know that everything you do, see, eat, taste, touch, and think is intertwined.

Your food affects your mood, and vice-versa. Certain foods can make you grumpy, and certain situations can make you crave sugar, for example.

How much you exercise affects can either support, or hinder, the effectiveness of your diet, and how well you sleep.

If your life does not contain any love, then, you might have a hard time managing your weight. Conversely, the more love you have for yourself and others, the more your body will fight illness and take care of itself.

These are just some examples.

As you walk through your week this week, try to notice what areas of your life, if any, are out of sync with the others.

Bringing those in line can be very powerful.

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