Eat Food.

I’m always amazed at how much not-food we eat. If you stand in the middle of the supermarket today, you’ll be surrounded by a tremendous amount of products that are not food.

Practically speaking, you can eat all the food you want. It would be very difficult to eat too much food, assuming you had some variety, and become unhealthy.

The question is, ‘what is food?’

Food has no ingredient list. It needs to be prepared.

Food is alive; it expires, probably soon, if not eaten or preserved.

Food is cared for, grown, and harvested.

Food heals and nourishes. When you eat it, you feel your body thanking you.

Not-food doesn’t have or do any of those things.

Eat as much food, as close to that definition as possible, and you’ll be in very good shape.

Sometimes when asked ‘which diet should I try’, I simply answer, ‘eat food’.

If you understand the difference between food and not-food, then, those two words could be all that you need to remember.

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