Information & Execution

I happened upon a wellness magazine yesterday, which, I suspect, if you were to actually follow all of the advice contained within it, you would completely transform your life.

It was on a newsstand for $5.95.

I wasn’t surprised though. It’s the same thing for the thousands of self-help books, books, programs, and other forms of information out there. It’s not the case that they are all good & solid. However, you could easily walk into a Barnes & Noble, pick out a good one, do what it says, and, achieve amazing results.

The reason the self-help industry is so huge, the reason that more & more title keep getting published, is that most people do not actually do or follow what the books say.

It’s easy to read. It’s not so easy to implement & execute. The second part takes persistence, dedication, and support.

So, the information is out there. The question is, what’s blocking you from acting on it?

A good coach can help you work through those tough questions. But it could also be an author, friend, child, or even an enemy.

It’s probably not a question of you learning more. More likely, it’s a question of you figuring out your ‘whys’, and your ‘why nots’.

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