There Is No Finish Line.

What does it mean for there to be ‘no finish line’ on your health journey, as I said last week?

Will you never be healthy? Will you never achieve your goals?

Why can’t you ever ‘be done’? Will you always have to work really hard to stay in shape?

(492 words; about a 5-minute read.)

Let’s work backwards, starting with Question 5: No, you won’t always have to work as hard as you do in the beginning as you do in the middle or the end. (Assuming certain constants.) When you start on the path, it’s new. It’s uncomfortable. You stumble. After you’ve been on the path, you gain confidence. Chores become habits; then they evolve into skills, and eventually, personality traits.

Question 4: You’ll be ‘done’ when you’re dead. Not before. This post is for those curious about the journey to health, not sickness.

Question 3: Yes, you will achieve your goals. And then you will set new ones. And then you will achieve those, and set new ones again. Along the way, you may even realize that some of your goals were stupid, or, misguided, and you’ll adjust them. A goal could be ‘just maintain a certain status’ for awhile, and, that’s fine. On your journey, there is no point at which you not have a goal. You may not always be clear about it, but goals are not finales.

Question 2: Yes, you will be healthy. You might even be pretty healthy right now, and not see it. A big part of defining what ‘healthy’ is for you is what makes you happy; not what makes me happy.

Important follow-up question here, Question 2B: When? When will you know that you’re ‘healthy’?

There certainly are some objective standards, yet, still, even those should be in line with your goals. I will not make a statement such as ‘everyone should be able to do 10 push-ups’ or ‘everyone should have X cholesterol’.

Let’s be practical here: you know what being healthy means for you. You know what it will look & feel like when you get there. You may need some help getting there, but, you know.

Finally, Question 1: “What does it mean for there to be ‘no finish line’ on your health journey?”

It’s possible that once you realize that there is no trophy to be won, no pedestal to be raised on, perhaps only then you can truly open up to the fact that it is the journey that is the reward.

It is all of the hard work, stumbling, fear-facing, goal-setting, failing, successeeding, setbacks, pushback, persistence, and triumph.

Those are the gifts you can give yourself. And you can gift them to yourself right now, today – not at some future date.

Doesn’t sound sexy? Hard work and failure is the gift?

I can’t think of any better trophy than the journey itself. It is rewarding beyond measure, and no one can ever take it away from you.

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