Tapping Into Energy

I get asked a lot about energy. “How can I have more energy?”, or, “Some days I just don’t have any energy. What do I do?”

It’s important here to separate energy and motivation, which are not the same thing. We can talk about motivation in another post.

What is energy? Standard definitions include “your capacity to do work” or “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity”.

But I don’t think that tells you what you really need to know.

Where does energy come from? What does it feel like?

Well, you probably know what it feels like to exercise and then become exhausted, which is the depletion of energy. And you probably know what it feels like to start a workout with a lower than average level of energy, based on, perhaps, a little less sleep than usual the night before.

But have you ever tried to tune in to your energy – and do nothing else with it at all, other than to simply observe (or manipulate) it?

If you’ve ever practiced Qigong, or something similar, you may have observed that your body is full of energy.

I don’t know exactly where all of that vitality comes from, but what I do know is that you, right now, are literally radiating with it.

You may not be able to feel it right now. You may not feel like it’s true. That’s OK. You don’t have to believe me, or take my word for it.

I am frequently asked, “Matt, how do you have so much energy?”

My answer is always the same. I have exactly the same amount of energy as you, and you do as me.

There might be some things you can do to get more in touch with it. There might be some reasons why yours is feeling drained or blocked.

But I promise you, you have all of the potential energy in the world, inside of you, right now.

I didn’t buy mine at a secret store downtown. I just practice cultivating and tapping into it.

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