Where Are You Today?

It’s important to know that wherever you are on your health journey right now, that is exactly where you should be.

In fact, you could not possible be at any other place.

For example, I’ll sometimes wonder, what if I started training & eating well when I was much younger? Could I have been a semi-pro, or professional athlete?

You might look around you and think that everyone else is ‘so fit’, but, you’re not. And so, you feel like you’re ‘behind’ them.

Neither of those concerns is valid. You & I didn’t train of get fit when we were younger, and ‘didn’t’ does not mean ‘bad’.

We have a tendency to make ourselves feel bad about it when we think this way.

But there is nothing wrong with doing other things, or with not being ready to try new things.

The question is, what are you ready to do now?

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