Good Food Takes Good Preparation

I’m not going to lie. Eating well takes a decent amount of work.

I mean, if you can afford a meal plan, that’s one excellent way to go. It’s really an investment (into your health), not simply an expense.

But you may not be able to do that, and you may not be able to eat out every meal.

So you’re going to have to prepare and cook some of your own food.

And that takes time.

And you’re going to make smoothies, juices, snacks, and morning drinks.

And that takes more time. Sometimes, you’re not going to feel like doing that work. It might be late. You’ve had a long day.

What I want to say about all of this work is, it’s worth it. It’s not just some chore, like mowing the lawn. Although, if you love having a perfect looking lawn, then, you can see why some people put so much time into it.

So, keep pushing through those moments. Every time I have stayed up the extra few minutes the night before, or put in the extra time on a Sunday to prep, it has been worth it.

There’s always something else you can drop that’s less important.

If you missed a day of prep, cooking, or whatever your food routine is, don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on the path today.

Eating well is a lot like being strong. You don’t just ‘get strong’ without going to the gym. The good food doesn’t just magically appear on your plate without the effort.

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