How Do You Talk to Yourself?

Fifteen years of negative self-talk didn’t get me anywhere, except to a very dark place, very slowly.

By the time I was in college, I was very depressed, not to mention fat and out of shape.

It also took me a long time – about another ten years, with help – to really rebound from all of that.

So, the change may not always be fast.

But I do remember that there were a few ‘light bulb’ moments along the way.

Like the time one of my therapist really broke through to me in explaining how thoughts work – and how we can observe, pause, and reshape them.

It is possible, even for the hardest of cases, to let go of negative self-talk, and start thinking about yourself kindly.

All of that negativity really does take a toll on your health.

Why not be kind to yourself instead?

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