You Are Not A Robot

You & I are highly emotional beings.

Throughout the day, feelings are constantly arising.

The more you pay attention to them, and where they come from, the more you’ll learn about yourself.

For example, I am not an angry person. But sometimes, if it’s late at night, I might catch myself feeling angry at my kids for pushing their bedtime too far, when in reality they are just the easy target. If I haven’t released my anger at other things throughout the day, or even the week, or, longer, with other people & situations, then, where is that anger really coming from?

Your body most definitely holds onto emotions, and, they most definitely can & will manifest into health problems.

If you practice being in tune with your thoughts, you’ll start to notice that your thoughts often arise from emotions, which can be felt in different parts of the body.

You might feel them when you’re around certain people, up against certain deadlines, or around certain foods.

If you listen closely, you’ll be able to hear the true source of where your emotions come from.

This is rarely the person, deadline, or piece of food itself. Those things are just the triggers, or recipients.

The origin is much deeper.

Why is this important?

Because you’re not a robot. You don’t live in a laboratory. There is no textbook that defines you. Your emotions are a big part of who you are, and why you behave the way that you do.

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