Training While Your Family Is Home

This one applies more to those of you who have children, but, it could also apply regarding a spouse, boy/girlfriend, or other family you live with.

Going to workout while your loved ones are home (i.e., not at school, work, or other obligation) can make you feel pretty guilty.

I have my gym in my garage. This is not typical but it may actually elevate the guilt factor. If you leave your house to go to the gym, with your husband and kids at home, at least while you’re at the gym, they’re not there. They can’t physically talk to you while you’re on the rower.

In my house, my son or daughter can walk right into my training session.

Or, I can be squatting, and, I can hear my son downstairs, by himself, early in the morning, playing alone. Without me, instead of what could be with me.

Either way, you may be thinking about these things while you’re out, so, I get it.

Here are some tips I have for you to keep in mind that should help overcome this feeling of guilt, which, can be very painful, and a potential obstacle to your health:

  • If you don’t hit your training goals, then you will feel both guilt and resentment towards your own family and yourself.
  • One of the reasons you are training is for your family. To be there for them, longer and stronger.
  • When your family – yes, even small children – know that training is important to you, they will both respect you and support you in going to the gym.
  • One or two hours ‘taken away’ from family time for training is not the whole story. Most likely, you take away from family time the same 1-2 hours, if not more, than necessary from your job. So, if you’re looking to achieve balance, achieve true balance. Don’t rob your own health to get there.
  • When you’re done training, you’ll be able to actually be present. If you skip it, you’ll be thinking about training all day, which, takes away more time than it gives.
  • Your family members are highly likely to follow suit, prioritize their own health, and become regular exercisers themselves when you lead by example. They may even join you.

All of these things, in my opinion, far outweigh not training at all.

If you have to train while your family is at home, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Get it done and get back to them as soon as you can.

In the long run, they will respect & love you for it.

And, you’ll be much happier with yourself.

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