Why Are You On This Path?

There are a few reasons why I eat with discipline and train regularly.

(1) I was once in a very dark, unhealthy place. I never want to go back there. I know, from years of practice, that my diet will help keep me on my current path.

(2) I want my body to be as strong as it can possibly be. This has been a deeply rooted fascination of mine since childhood.

Those two things keep me on track, all of the time.

You’ve got to know your reason, your ‘why’, for getting on the path to health. Because some days, you’re not going to have a great day. It’s your ‘why’ that helps you power through those days.

My reasons have limits. I’m not training for a bodybuilding competition. I could reduce my carb intake, eat only tilapia for a few weeks, and, lower my body fat from about 14% down to 8%.

But to me, that’s not worth the trade off of enjoying certain foods. It’s just not one of my goals.

Once you know what you’re after, and why, you’ll also know exactly what you are willing to give up in order to get there.

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