The First Key: Food

Yesterday I defined ‘Mind’ a bit more.

Out of the 4 Keys: Food, Strength, Mind, & Heart, ‘Food’ might sound like it needs the least explanation, but it warrants some.

Some words you can associate with Food: fuel, vitamins, nutrients, grow, feel, develop, build, nourish, earth.

Notice that I said ‘earth’ for ‘Food’ (and ‘air’ for ‘Mind’ yesterday). Yes, the four elements of earth, air, water, and fire that the many ancient cultures identified do have relevance today. I’ll explore that in a future post.

Here’s the deal with Food: it’s usually the key area that most people choose to begin with when trying to get healthy. Rightfully so; you have to eat, or you will die. You don’t have to go to the gym or meditate.

Food has an interesting connection with the other three, Strength, Mind & Heart.

When you do improve your food, like, say, switch from a diet of processed food to one of all whole foods, it provided a tremendous amount of energy and fuel for you so that you can go and make improvements in those other areas.

It really does help you think more clearly, for example, when you fuel your mind with a balanced diet.

So, while you may be working to lose or gain some weight, look & feel better, and while Food is the #1 place to start with that, the bonus is that you will see changes happen in other areas of life because you make smarter choices on your plate, and you will see them soon.

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