What is ‘Spirituality’?

What does ‘spirituality’ mean?

When I talk about the four keys to good health: Food, Strength, Mind, & Heart, spirituality is the Mind part.

Some other words you can associate or replace spirituality with, if you prefer: emotions, being, presence, mindfulness, joy, awareness, air, soul, religion, calm, and quiet.

You may really hate the word spirituality, because you may not be sure what a ‘spirit’ is, or if such a thing even exists, and that’s OK. That’s why I usually use ‘Mind’.

Your mind definitely exists, and, it definitely needs to be taken care of. It, given all that we deal with in this world today, all that we have to worry about, generally benefits from some regular quiet time.

Some time spent practicing not be worried about the future, or stuck, angry, in the past.

This is not always easy to do, and, there are many different tools, paths, and techniques to work on this. Calming down your mind, making it whole, giving it rest … these are skills that you can build.

One thing I’ll leave you with for today is that, no matter what’s going on your mind, at any given time, whether it has to do with the past or the future, and no matter how insurmountable or unchangeable a thing may seem, at the end of the thought process, one thing is always true:

The only place and time that you can take action is right now.

You cannot pass that test that’s coming up on Friday, in your head today. You can study (or not) today, but you cannot take the test today.

You cannot have that conversation you’ve been practicing in your head with your boss for a week in your head. Your boss is not in your head. So, at some point, you have to realize that you’ve been have a conversation over & over again with yourself.

And that’s OK – we all do these things. We are humans. We’ve been gifted minds, but minds can run wild.

The key to free yourself from your mind running wild is being here, right now.

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