Do Your Emotions Run Your Mind?

I still get angry, nervous, and afraid even though I’ve been meditating for about two years now.

The daily practice of meditation does not get rid of negative emotions. It does not mean that you will walk around all day, floating on clouds, as serene as Buddha.

What has changed is that I become aware of those emotions much more quickly, and, as a result, I am in control of them. They (most of the time) are not in control of me.

Most people will spend their entire lives with their emotions and ego running out of control inside their heads.

I was one of those people. I spent many years consumed by anger. That is a dangerous place to be.

You can let your emotions come and go as you please. You do not have to be stuck with them any longer than necessary.

Meditation – or some other form of daily spiritual practice – is a tool, a gateway to help you get there.

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