What Does a Health Coach Do?

This is a commonly asked question.

I’ll tell you a few things that a good Health Coach doesn’t do first.

A good Health Coach doesn’t make any assumptions, bring his or her ego to the table, recommend one diet for all Clients, or preach from a pedestal.

Here is what a good Health Coach should do:

A good Health Coach is always learning, even while coaching, from Clients, other Coaches, and from any other person or situation that has something to offer.

A good Health Coach knows that it’s almost always about more than just the food. It’s about the fact that you, the Client, have a real life with real challenges and roadblocks that will get in your way.

A good Health Coach listens more than he or she talks, measures outcomes, helps Clients build skills & confidence, and adapts with positivity.

A good Health Coach knows when to press harder, when to back off, and when to refer out.

A good Health Coach will help you unlock the best version of yourself, working through diet & lifestyle changes.

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