‘Gentle Mode’

The last few weeks, I’ve been in ‘commando’ mode. I had a few team members on vacation, more than the average amount of work to do, a trade show, a sick kid, a grandma in the hospital … you know how it gets.

I had most of it on my calendar, so, I was mentally prepared. I got up extra early, still stuck to my training & nutrition regimens. I visited my grandmother every day and got it all done.

Sometimes, you just need to put your helmet on and charge.

But there’s a flip-side to that. You cannot be in beast mode all the time.

Even though I just recently told you that I rarely get sick, I did. When you’ve got kids, it happens.

Commando mode doesn’t work when you’re sick. You’ve got to listen to your body.

You’ve got to go into ‘gentle mode’.

This may not be easy for you, especially if you’re a hard-charging athlete. But, there is a time when it’s the right choice to turn it off for a few days.

I slept for almost 12 hours last night. (That’s why this post is late, sorry!) I’ve upped my vitamin intake.

More importantly, as often as I am aware of it, every movement I make is as gentle as possible. I am working to conserve energy. My body needs it. I’m doing extra meditation. I’m moving around slowly. I’m keeping my stress levels as low as possible.

If you’re too stressed, you cannot heal.

On a regular day, it should be a blend of both: hard work and relaxation.

Never just one or the other all the time.

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