Kill Yesterday.

Kill yesterday.

Look back at it just long enough to reflect on what worked well, and what didn’t. Then bury it. Burn it. It’s gone.

Prolonging the memory of yesterday doesn’t help you do anything today.

It doesn’t help you move forward; it only keeps you stuck.

If yesterday was a great day; if you crushed it at the gym, delivered awesome work, loved your family and yourself, and really lived a good, full day, that’s awesome.

But you’ve still got to get up and do it all over again.

And if yesterday wasn’t one of your best, good. Maybe even better. Because it’s dead now. Whatever didn’t work well, you’re here today.

You’ve got today in your hands to start again.

In order to live, in order to be born, to move forward, something has to die. Something has to be left behind, or discarded.

Let that be yesterday. Let yesterday die, and give yourself the gift of life today.

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