Balance The Four Keys

Food. Exercise. Mind. Heart.

When these four key areas are in balance, they work together. They support each other. They actively help each other through hard times.

For example, you might be under a lot of temporary stress, and finding that difficult to deal with. But you’ll find that more difficult to deal with if your diet & exercise practices aren’t very disciplined. On the other hand, if you’re very consistent in those areas, you can lean on them, and deal with the stress a bit more easily.

When one key area is suffering from a blockage, it can hold the others back from progress.

If you can turn your attention towards that, towards the area that needs the most work, you’ll find that it will release a lot of inner tension.

Let me put it another way. You’re running a four-person team relay, and the only way to win is if all four of your team crosses the finish line.

Does it help to have three of you forge ahead, if one is stuck in the mud back at the beginning?

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