Cooking Tips: Vegetable Scraps

As you may know, I sometimes offer cooking tips on Sundays, mostly because I like to do my own ‘batch’ cooking for the whole week to come on Sunday.

Something that’s been working really well for me over the last few months has been freezing all of my sturdy vegetable scraps. I’m talking about: carrot shreds, potato trimmings, broccoli stems, celery ends, mushroom stems, cabbage shavings, cauliflower stalks … and so forth.

Instead of throwing away all of those ‘extras’ from your cutting board, put them in a gallon size freezer bag. Once you have two bags full, you have a free meal. Even more than free; a meal you would have otherwise thrown out (or composted).

You can throw all of these things into a pot to make a broth. Here’s link with a little bit more of a ‘how to’ do that.

Finding new ways to add nutrients to your diet that also taste good and fill you up can be very satisfying. Give it a try 🙂

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