The Myth of ‘Done’

You’re never going to have zero things to do.

There will always be more work coming in from your clients or your boss.

You might get your inbox to zero, but not while you sleep.

This is important to be aware of because if you feel like your under constant pressure and stress at work, if you tell yourself that you’ll ‘feel better when your done with your list’, then, you’re never going to feel better, because the list is always growing.

I want to let that sink in for a second.

What happens when you become aware of a myth?

The very moment that you do, you dispel it. It loses power over you. You cannot unlearn the truth.

If there is always more to be done, then, you have a choice. Your choice is to keep chasing something (being done) that doesn’t exist, or, to begin work on Monday doing everything that you can, everything that’s most important, without telling yourself that your best is not enough.

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