Changing Your Diet?

Sometimes you need to change what you eat, but sometimes the food you’re eating has much less to do with your health than you might think.

In other words, it could be your exercise regimen, stress level, or a toxic relationship that’s blocking you from being able to change.

Most likely, it’s a combination of all four.

The good news I want to share with you is that you don’t have to change everything at once. That’s not healthy, and it rarely works.

What works is identifying the key areas of your life that are out of balance, and then making small improvements to them, one week at a time.

Some specific examples of what small changes might look like:

  • Instead of just a bagel and cream cheese every weekday for breakfast, you add a piece of fruit to go with it. (Note that nothing was taken away.)
  • Instead of skipping workouts on longer work days, you do a quick round of burpees before you take a shower.
  • Instead of checking your phone in bed at night, for the final ten minutes, you read a book.
  • Instead of emotionally reacting to your coworker, you practice noting your feelings and then responding a bit more thoughtfully.

What’s not on that list? A crash diet, a 30-day meal plan, quit your job and start a business with no safety net, or a ten-day silent retreat.

The additional good news is that small wins add up to big changes, and last far, far longer than any quick fix you can find.

There are some times when you need to change what you eat. When you do, you do what you can stick to. Not what you can’t.

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