“How Do I Make Better Food Choices?”

This is a very commonly asked question. There is more than one answer.

As usual, it depends, mostly on you. One of the skills that you may need to develop is being aware of how you feel after you eat certain foods.

This can be accomplished with a food journal, but not just one where you write down what you eat. You have to write down how you feel 1-2 hours after you’ve eaten it.

For example:

Meal / TimeFeeling
Monday, 8 AM, scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoesSatisfied & full
Monday, 10 AMVery thirsty
Tuesday, 9 AM, GF Oatmeal w/ a bananaWas very hungry by 9; good after
Tuesday, 10 AMStomach slightly upset

If this is interesting to you, give it a try for a few days. You might be surprised.

You would think you can remember how you felt looking back on a week’s worth of food, but, it’s not so easy.

Writing it down brings awareness of what’s really going on to life.

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