The 4 Keys Areas of Health

Health is more than just the food that’s on your plate. It’s the balance of four key areas of life:

Nutrition, Exercise, Spirituality, and Relationships.

Too much toxicity in any one of those areas, and, your health will suffer.

And, yes, they all translate into physical symptoms or problems.

Nutrition: fuel your body with junk, and it won’t run properly.

Exercise: if you don’t move, you’ll get stiff and decay.

Spirituality: lack of connection or purpose, too much anxiety, and so forth; if your mind is always in tension or pain, then, your body will be too.

Relationships: if yours are not loving, if you live or work every day with people who drain you, your health will also be drained.

In addition, these are all connected, and so any one of them can drag down the others.

That is the good news. That is your opportunity.

Excelling, paying close attention to any one of these areas can spark huge changes in your life.

And because they are connected, there can be a domino effect. Raising your game in one will elevate the others as well.

So, you don’t ‘fix everything at once’. You start where you can, and build strength from there as you move forward.

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