Do It Every Day

I’ve been practicing Qigong for about one year. But, it hasn’t been daily, so, I’m really not very good at it, yet.

I’ve been meditating for almost 2 years, daily, with only a few exceptions. I’m pretty good at that now; the benefits are obvious. However, I still have much room to improve.

I’ve blogging daily for 5 years. They haven’t all been good, but, I never miss a post. Not one. The habit is so ingrained that it’s not even a question.

I’ve been gluten-free and eating ‘clean’ (meaning, no processed foods or junk) for about 9 years now. While I still have more to learn about food and how it affects my body, I’ll never go back to the SAD diet again.

There’s only one way to get very good at Qigong, meditation, mastering your diet, write 1,715 blog posts, or anything: one day at a time.

Do it daily, and, when you look back, you’ll be amazed how your habits evolve into personality traits, and how much progress you’ve mave.

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