There’s No Delaying Change

If it’s difficult for you change your eating and exercise habits today, how much easier do you think it will be tomorrow, or next month?

It won’t.

The problem is not that you don’t want to. You can tell yourself that you don’t want to, but, deep down, it’s not the truth.

The reason for procrastination is that change is hard and scary.

Every time that I have ever faced up to something that was scary – and I have faced some things that were very scary, to me – they never turn out to be as bad as I made them to be in my head.

If you write down the worst thing that could possibly happen, it won’t.

Actually, the worst thing that can happen is that you do nothing.

You can’t really delay making changes. You are either shaping the change (positively) or, allowing it to happen to you.

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