There Aren’t Many Rules to Training

Usually I rest for 24-48 hours after a heavy squat or dead-lift day.

This past Thursday, I squatted and dead-lifted heavy.
I was sore. (Good sore.)

The next day, on Friday, I squatted and dead-lifted heavy again.

I was doing my programmed workouts earlier than scheduled because I knew I would not be near a good gym for a few days.

The following 4-5 days without barbells will be ample time to rest & recover.

In addition, I’ll do extra body-weight, stretching, and ‘nothing’.

There are no hard and fast rules to training.

Do what works more. Do what doesn’t less. Don’t be stupid. Always maintain form. Ask questions. Respect & learn from those who have done it before you.

That’s about it. Within those bounds, experiment.

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