Looking Inward

I tried a new habit this month that didn’t really stick well.

Just because I am in pretty good shape, have a good handle on what foods work for me, and I am Health Coach does not mean that I have reached some ‘level’ of health without challenges.

In fact, although the changes I need to make may differ from yours, the process does not.

For example, I might need to eat less meat, or balance my time at work better. You might need to reduce processed foods.

But we both have to look hard at ourselves in the mirror.

We both have to answer the question, ‘Why haven’t I begun? What’s holding me back?’

Maybe your wife won’t support you, or, maybe you don’t think she will be supportive of you.

Maybe you’re very comfortable. You don’t want to rock the boat, or be seen as a weirdo.

Maybe there’s a story you’ve been telling yourself for a very long time, which may not be true, but, you don’t want to face it.

Whatever the blockage (and, those are just some examples), if you don’t see it, you can’t work through it. It will remain and continue to derail you every time you ‘start a diet’.

The interesting thing is that when you turn and face your obstacle, you become aware of it. You make it just a little bit smaller than it was before.

This is how you take a stand. This is how you start to move forward, one step at a time, from the place you’re stuck in right now.

We need you to do this, badly. Your health is critical. You are the example. You are a leader. You have to take that first step.

You won’t leave behind anyone else. In fact, you will become closer to them.

By doing the hard work of looking inward, you become stronger for those around you.

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