A Love Note

I experienced a genuine moment of selflessness yesterday.

It wasn’t my first, but, this one was particularly intense.

(Actually, a better way to state that is that I allowed my true state of being to come to the surface, without being blocked by my own, false, ego.)

So, what happens when we get out of our own heads? When we stop thinking, and, simply be.

What happens when we can be with each other, with no agenda, and without fear?

What happens then is pure love.

Even though it will only surface for a few seconds here and there, it is so powerful that it’s impact is hard to describe in words.

Apropos that today is Valentine’s Day? Perhaps. A reminder never hurts.

But you don’t need some date on the calendar to access what’s already inside of you.

I love you. I see you. I am full of love, and so are you.

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