Where Should You Start?

“OK Matt, I’ve been reading your blog. I’ve been watching you do push-ups. I’ve finally come to the point where I want to make a change. I’m fed up with how I look and feel, and I want to lose weight. Where do I start?”

The good news is that with that said, you have already started. You’ve identified your ‘why’; the reason that will keep you motivated.

So the real question is ‘what’s the next step’?

Generally speaking, I like to take inventory. Not just of your food, but, of everything.

This doesn’t just come from my years of being in the food distribution business, where, of course, inventory is a key aspect. There’s a direct parallel,

An honest assessment of what you are eating, how you are exercising, how well you are recovering, and how happy you are is needed to move forward.

I have some simple tools for that.

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