It’s Saturday Night.

Why is it so hard for you to get up early on a Sunday morning?

Is it because you just want to relax, and be lazy?

Or, were you up late, either out, perhaps drinking alcohol, watching TV, or both?

Are you carrying around a bunch of extra pounds on top of all that?

Relaxation and enjoying your social life are both important. I’ve written about that many times.

But if you’re not working equally as hard at your nutrition and exercise, then, they will shorten your life.

You simply cannot continue to drink regularly, stay up late, and ignore your diet without deteriorating your health over time.

On the other hand, you absolutely can, with regular practice, build up your recovery systems to the point where a Saturday night out won’t take as much of a toll.

It’s Saturday night. You want to have some fun.

But, it’s the choices that you make from Sunday through Friday that really tell you how much.

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