Fake Food Stories

I often notice that when I eat a plate full of fresh leafy greens, my body ‘tells’ me it’s happy.

It feel great in my mouth. I immediately want to eat more of them, sometimes refilling a second or third serving, and loving every bite of it.

Afterwards, I don’t feel bloated. My mind feels clear, and I’m in a great mood.

If all of that’s happening, then, why don’t I eat that way more often? Why I am still drawn to order proteins & starches when I’m eating out?

It’s hard to shake the mental shackles that you’ve put on yourself for many years, even when the answer seems obvious.

Start by being aware that those shackles are in your mind. When you’re telling yourself that you should eat a certain way, for some reason that has nothing to do with the food itself, you’re essentially having an imaginary conversation, in your head, with yourself.

That has nothing to do with the food that your body wants at all.

Trust your physical senses. Taste, smell, and touch don’t make up fake stories about food, and how you actually feel after eating it.

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