The Compound Interest Rate of Health

At 7% interest, $1,000 invested annually becomes $16,987 after ten years, as opposed to just $10,000.

There’s also an opportunity cost to not making that investment, and, if you spend that money elsewhere, the potential profit swings in the negative direction.

The compound interest rate of your health is hard to put a number on, but, in my opinion, it will either pay more dividends, or cost more, than any financial investment you’ll ever make.

Every day that you delay getting started makes it harder to rebound from, because of irreversible variables, such as age, injury, and stress (to name a few).

The good news is that when you do start investing in your health, the compound interest rate is higher than you’ll get in any bank.

Just a few small changes can result in massive earnings.

Furthermore, the younger you get started, the faster the rate of earnings.

So, any time to get started is good, but the best day to start investing in your health, if you didn’t yesterday, is today.

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