What Should I Do On ‘Off’ Days?

There really are no off days when it comes to your health, or your exercise regimen.

You’re training even when you’re not lifting.

To look at the non-lifting days as ‘do nothing’ days is wrong.

Flexibility & mobility are critical to your strength and performance. You should be working those aspects all the time.

Rest & recovery – both mental and physical – are also critical. If you want to perform at an elite level, you must recover just as hard as you train.

So, even when you actually have a planned (or unplanned – listen to your body sometimes) day of doing nothing, make sure you do it well.

By that I mean: invest in lowering your stress levels on these days. Do something for yourself. Get a massage. Meditate. Go fishing. Do whatever it is that truly relaxes you.

If you never make time to truly relax, you’ll never reach your opposite peak either.

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