Can You Get Really Strong Without Lifting Weights?


I love lifting heavy weights. I work the ‘big lifts’ (squats, deadlift, & presses) several times a week up, to 90-100% of my maximum.

But that’s just part of a blended program that also includes a lot of bodyweight training.

And, that’s just the program I am on right now.

For an entire year, I did ONLY bodyweight training. During that year, I made tremendous gains.

I know this because I log every workout that I do.

This is why I often say that if you can’t make it to the gym today, and you’re really pressed for time, just do 50 burpees in your bedroom.

Sure, I could design a better workout than that, but, that’s a good workout – and it’s a lot better than feeling like you did nothing.

Another thing: you’re not twenty anymore. Whether or not you’ve had an injury before, bodyweight-only training is going to be much easier on your joints than training under a loaded barbell. There are all kinds of squats and lunges you can do, safely, without worrying about your lower back.

Imagine how strong you would be if you could do, consecutively: 100 pushups, 50 dips, and 30 pull-ups?

I’m not there yet, but, that’s why you’ll always see me on the sidelines of our kids’ games doing these things. I’m addicted to ‘sneaking in’ extra work.

You can even make a game out of it. Do a set of pushups every change of possession in a football game, or every three-pointer in a basketball game, or at the top of every hour while you’re at work.

If you want to become really strong, bodyweight training needs to be a regular part of your training.

Barbell training, even though I love it, and recommend it for many people, does not.

If you’ve got questions about this kind of training, or anything else, just hit me up.

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